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Helping Pampers solve a sizing mystery


Tools used

  • Survey design
  • Digital diaries

We helped Pampers figure out why, for many parents, a size change often meant a brand change.

The challenge

Making sense of a sizing enigma

Pampers were facing a conundrum: as babies and toddlers moved up a diaper size, their parents weren’t sticking with them. Sales data showed Pampers was losing both volume and market share during that time. They wanted us to help them figure out why. 

Our solution

Helping Pampers understand parents’ choices

Pampers’ researchers used our platform to design a daily study to target their consumers for three months. The study included diaries, weekly assignments and retail ‘adventures’, as well as product placement. All this gave Pampers more insight into how parents were making their buying decisions, in the moment.

The results

When small changes create big impact

Pampers spotted two big issues: for some parents, if a Pampers’ size was wrong, they’d either go back to a smaller size or switch brands. Others would stick with the larger size and settle for a poor fit.  

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