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Text Analytics Software

Crunch words into numbers 

Customers have already told you everything you need to know. But their answers are scattered over social media. Hidden in emails. Buried in a combination of chat logs, call records and survey responses. Structure that data. Gain insight. Turn all that rich text into something you can measure, understand and act on with Genius Text Analytics. 

Text Analytics Software

Add a touch of humanity 


Add a touch of humanity 

For the best results, pair AI tool with living, breathing experts. Access the most efficient and accurate text analytics available. Team up with our analysts to shape the algorithm and guide the AI as it works.

Forsta learns by listening, so you can do the same. 

Granular sentiment analysis

What’s better than 10? We offer 12-emotion segmentation. Identify specific emotions. Get a deeper understanding of emotions. Track, trace and act.

Algorithms set for action

We build future-proof models aligned with your business objectives. With accuracy and audience understanding at their heart.

Powerful categorization

Get the best of both. AI-powered and custom rule-based. Organize, categorize and prioritize text from any source.

Built for you

Flexible and scalable. Customized to meet your needs. Want complete control? Choose self-service. Need some guidance? We offer full-service support.

Forsta learns by listening, so you can do the same.
Forsta Let data flow


Let data flow 

Chat logs. CRM systems. NPS or CSAT surveys. None of these channels reveal the whole picture. The only way to understand the total customer experience is putting all your data in one place. 


Meet your model student 

Use our proprietary combination of AI and Human NLP techniques to organize, structure, and categorize text of all kinds. Text analytics can order emails by topic, sort chat conversations by language or prioritize issues based on the volume and intensity of customer feedback.   

Forsta Meet your model student.

“An extremely easy-to-use tool. It allows us to consolidate customer input from different channels. And helps us find the concrete root causes behind issues. We’ve gradually improved in a lot of small ways.”

Telia, after customer satisfaction rose by 30%


Bring order to chaos

See what you can do with a tool that crunches text like numbers.