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Venture into the unknown

What you don’t know can’t do you much good. Forsta helps you investigate markets – everything from regions to competitors to target audiences – so the landscape takes shape, insights show up, and golden opportunities jump out.

Market & Consumer Insights Software

How Forsta can help you
map your market



We can help you work out what you want to investigate, and plan a market insight project to match.



Video surveys, social media monitoring, on-the-ground investigations, deep-dive desk research: we’ll use a bespoke mix of tools from our vast suite to gather info.



We can dig into the data, and get the crystal clear stories and gem-like insights out of all that feedback.



We help you work out what this means for your business, and plot ways to turn insight into action.


Ask big questions.
Get big answers.

Maybe you’re moving into a new region of the world. Maybe you’re stepping foot into a category that’s a bit of a Wild West. Sometimes, you need to get the lay of the land before you can start digging for gold. But a task that vast can be daunting. We bring the right expertise to the table, helping you work out what you need to know and how you’re going to find it out.

Ask big questions. Get big answers. market research software, market insights software
The right tools for the job (and not the other way around) market research software, market insights software


The right tools for the job (and not the other way around)

We’ve got a huge palette of research tools that can help you get to grips with your market. Which ones we use totally depends on what you’re trying to find out. We’ll design a blend to give you the big picture, the fine detail, and moments of business-changing insight.


“It was crucial for us to walk in consumers’ shoes in order to truly understand their relationship with make-up, and collect meaningful qualitative data in friendly and inspiring ways. We were able to capture very useful consumer insights, materials and perspectives, which informed multiple discussions and decisions within the Avon organization.”

Paola Toscano, Senior Insights And Marketing Intelligence Manager, Avon

Market Research Survey Software

Ready to unmask your market?

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