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Size yourself up… so you can level up 

Ever wondered how you measure up against your competitors? Or against the very best organizations in any industry? Where would you even start? 

Wonder no more. With us, benchmarking is a breeze.  

human experience benchmarks

Bring your data to life,
with Forsta’s HX Benchmarks

Size yourself up

Find out how your customers really rate you against your competitor set, leading sector brands and known CX brands from other sectors.  

Figure out what’s working 

With HX Benchmarks, you can spot the impact of your CX activities on what people think about your brand, and see what “best in class” actually looks like.  

And figure out what’s next

You’ll also discover opportunities that will help you lift your CX activities into the future.

Going beyond the metrics

We all know it’s not the score that matters. It’s what you do to improve it. And that’s why the HX benchmarks tell you what your customers think of you. 


1. Personalization

Do you make me feel like I’m not just another customer? Do you truly understand my needs, and treat me accordingly? Delivering tailor-made experiences can be a real “wow” differentiator for your customers. Make sure you know how much they value your personalization efforts.  

personalize human experience


2. Effort

Is it easy for me to deal with your organization? At the point of purchase or later, if and when something goes wrong? Effort is a key aspect of CX – they created a score for it! So we’ve included it in our HX Benchmarks, so you can gauge how easy it is for your customers to do business with you. 


3. Integrity

Can I trust you to deliver on your promises? Are you honest and transparent? Have you treated me fairly? Customers can forgive a lot, especially if you’re seen as “doing your best”. So, we ask them if they feel you’re being straight with them at every stage. 


4. Empathy

Have you really listened to me and my needs? Have my expectations been effectively managed? Do I feel like you care? The way you engage with your customers is at least as important as dealing with their issues effectively. That’s why we measure this too in our HX Benchmarks. 


5. Resolution

Do you try to resolve my issues successfully at first contact, and do you follow through on next steps as promised? No doubt being able to solve your customers’ problems quickly and effectively is critical, so we ask them if they feel you’ve done it well. 

iindustry benchmarks

Don’t wait – size yourself up now… so you can level up

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