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Data in black & white.
Stories in color. 

A picture paints a thousand actions. And great data tells its own story – if you can see it. Forsta’s data storytelling capabilities put the power in your hands to report, visualize and inspire your audience. 

Go from data to
insights, faster 


Give your data a human touch 

Make data insights more meaningful by focusing on the human behind the data. With context that fleshes out each data point.  


Reveal the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ 

Every report, dashboard and canvas has a story – delve into your data to see what’s dying to come out. 


Simple or sophisticated to suit you  

From the most basic reporting to highly advanced visualizations – we’ve got you covered. Pick straightforward templates or snazzy dashboards.


Be the master of your story 

Craft compelling narratives that enchant. Spotlight issues, highlight trends, and deliver delight. 

Forsta Studio Canvas
Forsta Visualizations

Forsta Studio Canvas

Quick and easy data storytelling

Forsta Studio Canvas, available within the Forsta HX Platform, combines compelling data with engaging imagery to show every step of the customer journey. Easily design and configure your reports, so that you can tell your story, in your style.  

Forsta Visualizations

Built for Market Research

We built Forsta Visualizations for the Market Research Professional. Our drag-and-drop functionality means you can analyze data with ease. From cross-tables to dashboards to reporting – we have the data storytelling solution for you. 

data storytelling

Your data has stories to tell. Get listening.

Get in touch and we’ll show you all the other things you can do with Forsta.