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The tools to put customer experience at the heart of your culture

The decisions you make are only as good as the knowledge they’re based on. So when it comes to customer experience (CX) survey software, you need to fully understand your customers – and give the right people the right tools to make that understanding count. 

The tools to put customer experience survey software at the heart of your culture

How Forsta takes you effortlessly from data to insight to action


See all your data as one story

Forsta pulls all your data together and shows you how it all connects up.


Dig out the root causes of any issue

Our advanced analytics let you dive as deep into the data as you need – whether it’s individual customers or broad, business-wide trends


Automate the most time-consuming tasks

Use customizable alerts and template emails to get the right insights to the right people, without even a click.


Drive cultural change in your business

Move from acting on hunches to backing up every decision with hard data and deep insights.


See what your customer sees 

Forsta’s interactive dashboards give you a customer’s eye view of every contact. Manage case resolutions and find the root cause of any problem. Give your team the tools they need to train agents and share best practices. One particular agent doing one thing especially well? Show everyone else in the team how to do the same.  

See what your customer experience sees
Make the changes your customers care about


Make the changes your customers care about 

Forsta makes customer experience survey software data easy to analyze and simple to act on. Track your performance by line of business, product, region or any other category. Weed out underlying problems and share best practices. Make decisions based on true customer and operational data.  

LEADERS IN Customer Experience (CX) 

If you know about customer experience (CX), you know about Forsta 

We partner with the big businesses. The forward-thinkers. From agencies like Kantar and Yonder Data Solutions, to industry giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Bupa and eBay. Customer Magazine named us Product of the Year winners five years in a row. (Not that we like to brag about it.)

If you know about customer experience (CX), you know about Forsta
Perfect a partnership built around you software surveys


Perfect a partnership built around you 

We have the longest relationships with our clients and lead the market in our go-live times and speed to business value. That’s because we collaborate, and we flex and scale to your needs. (And because we’re a friendly bunch too.) 


“Forsta enabled speed and flexibility as needs shifted [during the pandemic], especially in regard to the numerous survey and reporting updates. These quick updates to surveys and reporting enabled us to bring Covid-specific insights directly to senior leaders”.

Jaclyn von Oven, Director of Customer Experience Measurement and Insights, Best Buy 

Customer Experience Measurement and Insights, Best Buy


Start seeing the full customer experience (CX) picture

Get in touch and we’ll take you on a guided tour of all the ways Forsta helps you propel your business forward with new Customer Experience (CX) insights.