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Embedding the customer’s voice across DHL Global Freight Forwarding business

Tools used

  • Forsta Visualizations

How Forsta Visualizations connects hundreds of team members in dozens of countries

The challenge

How to give clear direction to a complex B2B organization

DHL Global Forwarding (DGF) is the freight forwarding arm of DHL, the largest logistics company in the world. Whether it’s air, ocean, rail, road, or customs services, DGF services customers in over 200 countries and territories.

Meeting the needs of these customers is central to DGF success, and two Voice of Customer surveys help to support this.

One is a Net Promoter Score program, which runs continuously throughout the year and is managed in-house by DGF’s Customer Intelligence team.

The other survey is an annual deep-dive research project, managed by an external agency, to capture more detailed insights from a representative sample of countries and customer types.

But how do you best combine data from two separate feedback programs to deliver meaningful insights?

And how can the right DGF team members get the information they need to support their customers and resolve any issues promptly?

“With this system, we make things super clear, simple and actionable for our colleagues. They get specific details of specific customers with specific issues – so they can follow up promptly and deliver great service. But it also allows us to zoom out and see trends across operating divisions, geographic regions or for entire global customer accounts.”

Jeremy Strang

Global Senior Manager Customer Intelligence
DHL Global Freight Forwarding

Our solution

Integrated analytics and visualizations for actionable insights

To meet these challenges, DGF uses Forsta Visualizations to consolidate all feedback into its Voice of Customer Portal.

Data from the continuous NPS program – collected through online surveys and telephone interviews – is integrated in real time. The annual deep-dive survey results are then loaded into the same system so that trend lines from both sources can be viewed and analysed together.

This may sound elegantly simple; but it is underpinned by complex rules for data mapping, action management and user permissions.

Individual account managers, for example, need to be alerted immediately if a customer issue requires resolution. They may also want to see rolled-up data for their customer accounts across all DGF locations in their country to understand comparative performance.

Global account leaders, on the other hand, require different views of the data. Large customers often provide feedback from multiple contacts in different roles and in different countries. The customer experience may vary between these groups, and DGF account leaders need to understand the comparative performance and see trends over time.

Forsta Visualizations is unique in its ability to support these sophisticated requirements with advanced features for privacy compliance, organizational mapping and configurable user permissions.

The results

A complete Voice-of-Customer process

By integrating, visualizing and distributing insights through Forsta Visualizations, DHL Global Forwarding now has a complete Voice of Customer process in place.

It is an all-in-one system that captures customer ratings throughout the year, delivers actionable notifications to colleagues in real time, and empowers them with dashboards and reporting tools to understand and improve the experience of their customers.

Over 1,500 colleagues in 68 countries are actively engaging with the Voice of Customer Portal.

But DGF’s Customer Intelligence team doesn’t intend to stop here. Future plans include increasing the number of touchpoints through which customers can give feedback; using machine learning to analyse the content of open-ended feedback; and overlaying the VoC data with additional metrics such as customer revenue or employee experience measures.

By selecting Forsta’s scalable technology, DGF can be confident that it has a VoC platform to meet its future requirements and support its ambitions to deliver outstanding customer experience.





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