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The power of reporting 
in the palm of your hand

Mobile reporting means you can move as fast as your data. Tailored dashboards let you and your team see what’s changing as it’s changing, and react in real-time.

The power of reporting in the palm of your hand

How Forsta helps you 
monitor on the move

Digestible dashboards built for your phone

Digestible dashboards built for your phone

Get key metrics on the go and at a glance. Our app shows you info in a no-nonsense format to keep you up to speed and reacting fast.

Curate your own

Curate your own

Tailor dashboards to a company, a team, or a single person. They’re completely customizable, and there’s no limit on how many you can make.

Never miss a beat

Never miss a beat

Data flows in live from as many sources as you plug in. No need to tell your team every time something changes; let them see for themselves with dashboards that update in near real time.

Share your view

Share your view

Dashboards make it easy and instant to share insights with teammates and clients.


Insights on tap

Forsta’s pocket-sized dashboards let you keep tabs on what’s happening, from anywhere. Mobile dashboards come with you wherever your phone does, and give you a live feed on the metrics that matter.

Insights on tap
Cut the chaos with tailored dashboards


Cut the chaos with tailored dashboards

Strip out the noise, and build a dashboard that shows you just what you need to see. Choose your most vital metrics and graphics, and pull them together for a tailor-made feed. Filters let you skip straight to the good stuff, and dive deeper when you need to. There’s no limit on how many dashboards you can make, which means more ways to carve up data so it makes sense to you.


Keep everyone up to speed

Never hear “nobody told me” again. Forsta lets you share dashboards across your whole team, or use them as templates to build different ones for different people. That way everyone stays in the know and ready to react. If people have things to say about what they’re seeing, they can start a conversation from right inside the app.


Give your reports a break from the desk

Get in touch and we’ll show you all the things Forsta mobile reporting can do.