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Online Panel Management Software

Find the right survey audience in mere minutes 

You’ve got data to crunch. Insights to find. You don’t have hours and hours to spend finding a survey audience and doing the admin to get them all onboard. So we make it effortless and automated. 

Online Panel Management Software

How to find a survey
audience with Forsta 

Select the kind of audience you need

Our ‘purchase sample’ screen lets you say exactly who you need for your survey. 

Say what kind of survey you’re running

You just need to know how many participants you need, how long your survey will take to complete and how many days it’ll run for. 

Pick a sample provider

Forsta will list the providers you can choose and how much it’ll cost. 

Launch your survey

When you’re ready to start, just confirm your provider choice and get your survey going.  


Go as broad or precise as you like 

You decide how tightly defined your audience is. You can choose target demographics by age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, income and plenty more. You can add limits too. Want no more than 50% male respondents? Done. Want an even number of participants from five different countries? Done. Whatever audience you want, you can have. 

Build your audience into a happy community panel management software


Build your audience into a happy community 

When your audience fills out your survey, they’re in your own Forsta web portal. You can add your own branding to it, see how people behave and keep them incentivized. You can also link up with third party payment systems to keep the money side quick and simple. 


Keep it cost effective 

There are plenty of providers vying to give you the survey audience you want. So it’s a buyer’s market. Once you’ve said exactly what you need, our platform lists all the different providers and their prices. Sort them from lowest price to highest to get the best deal available every time.  

Keep it cost effective panel management software

panel management software

Make ‘find audience’ the smallest slot in your schedule 

Get in touch and we’ll show you what our platform looks like in action. And all the different ways it can save you time and money.