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Voice of Employee (VoE) Survey Software

Pick your people’s brains. For insights that boost your business

How engaged are your people? Where can they improve? Where can you improve? Pick up the right Voice of Employee (VoE) survey tools to find out.

Voice of Employee (VOE) Survey Software | Forsta

How Forsta brings you priceless employee insights 

Customizable survey templates 

Our surveys cover every type of question you can imagine. Craft the precise surveys you need to get the data that matters most. 

Go alone or get some backup 

You can run your entire Voice of Employee VoE program yourself. Or you can get support from our expert researchers and programmers.  

We grow and change with you 

We’ve created Voice of Employee VoE programs for plucky startups and mighty multinationals. And everything in between. We adapt easily to any size and structure of business. 

Bring it all together 

The Forsta platform lets you put all your employee engagement projects in one place. No silos. No fragmented data sets. No insights missed.  


Make it a constant conversation 

An annual employee survey might give you great insight in January. But if satisfaction nosedives in February, you’re waiting a long time to understand the problem and fix it. So check in regularly. A steady flow of feedback will keep you constantly up to speed. And with the right tools, it’s simple, customizable and automated.  


Delve deep into the data 

When your data’s flowing in, you have the tools to squeeze every last drop of value from it. Your dashboard will display your findings in whatever way works for you. Text analysis will spot trends in written text. Watch reports and infographics update live. And automate the most repetitive tasks, so you’re never doing the simple stuff over and over. 


Tech support that can literally do the work for you 

Struggling to get your surveys where you want them? Pick up the phone. Our researchers and programmers can help with anything – from quick tips and support to fully programming your surveys for you. 


“The data helped to reaffirm that managers can be developed to a level of greatness and our people-management training is now very hands-on and supportive. The program is benefiting established employees, as well as new hires.”  

Mike Kessler, Chief Learning Officer, BAE Systems 

Voice of Employee (VOE) Survey Software

Want to skip from theory to practical? 

Get in touch. We’d love to show you what this all looks like on screen.