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Go from good to great, from idea to impact. It’s the power of the crowd at scale.  

Crowdsource innovation ideas from your business frontline. Gather ideas effortlessly, so you can focus on implementing.

Forsta continuous innovation idea generation

Harness the power of
the crowd

A minute to liftoff

Launch a challenge in minutes to tap ideas from frontline teams.

Always-on collaboration

Share ideas from all challenges across all teams and time zones.

Light them up

Deliver relevant prompts to key teams to spark innovative ideas.

Surface the best ideas

Easily score and vote for the ideas that make the most impact.


Put your best minds forward

Create custom challenge sites to inspire innovative ideas and rank those already in play. You can create personalized content and tailor your web pages to make your team feel at home. All this in a day’s work.

Ideas Challenges Put your best minds forward
Challenge the right people metrics

Custom modules

It’s all about who you ask

No need for email surveys and ad-hoc polls. Post your ideas to your challenge site and vote in real-time on your favorite ones. Open the challenge to your whole organization or invite specific people to solve the problem at hand.


Two (or more) heads are better than one

Harness your collaborative powers. Everyone can submit, comment, discuss, rank, and vote on ideas – all on the same site. It’s easy to upload images and attachments to refine ideas and easily share them with others. Take your ideas to implementation with Frontline Innovation.

Get together and brainstorm


Keen to move ideas forward?

You don’t have to wait any longer. Find out how Forsta can launch a challenge for you today.