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Our tech. Your name.

You can put your own branding on the Forsta platform. So our sleek design and functionality goes towards building your brand.

How Forsta helps you
boost your brand


Brand the bits your people and customers see

Surveys, dashboards invites, you name it – almost anything on Forsta can come emblazoned with your branding.


Keep it a consistent experience

People always notice when they’re being passed off to a third-party provider. But with your name and visuals on the Forsta platform, it all feels part of your brand’s experience.


Keep the kudos for yourself

We already get enough compliments on how effortless Forsta is to use. So take the good impression our platform leaves, and let it build your brand’s reputation instead.

Forsta Enterprise branding

See it in action

Get in touch and we’ll show you how easy it is to give Forsta a makeover that fits perfectly with your brand.