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No platform’s an island 

Forsta is a fast, flexible way to understand the human experience. But it needs to slot neatly in with all the other puzzle pieces that make up your business. So we integrate with most common platforms – for your CRM, web data, digital marketing and more. 


Forsta can work in sync with
these platforms (and more) 

CRM Connector 

  • Salesforce 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 
  • Zendesk 

Digital Marketing 

  • Adobe Experience 
  • Content Square 
  • Tealium 

Web Data Connector  

  • Tableau 
  • Brandwatch 
  • Import IO 


  • Python 


More platforms where that came from 

We can work with plenty of other tech that isn’t on this list. Chat to us to find out if we’re compatible.