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See the stories behind the statistics with qualitative research

It’s time for you to grab deeper, in-the-moment insights. We’ve built our qualitative research solutions to help you do it with ease.  Drive focus groups and in-depth interviews or run diary studies and communities with just a few clicks. Capture the videos, free-flow feedback and body language clues you need. 

Change the game
with qualitative research  


Free dive into your data 

Dive deeper into the data with qual research. Get deeper and fuller answers, for better insights. Tap into rich data – with detail – efficiently.  


Get the full picture 

Combine approaches to get a full picture of the customer behind the research. We’re the world’s only platform that covers quant and qual – the human experience platform. 


Turn research into actionable insights 

Data flooding in? No sweat. We’ve got all the tools you need. View images and videos in galleries, generate word clouds, word trees and plenty more.  


It’s the qual that counts 

Give your clients the full story. So that they can understand the human experience. For their customers, users, and other audiences. 

Forsta Digital Diaries
Forsta InterVu
Forsta Discussions
Forsta Vision

Forsta Digital Diaries

Open a priceless stream of in-the-moment insights 

Seize thoughts, emotions, opinions and perceptions that influence customer and employee behavior in the moment. Collect longitudinal feedback related to aspects of a customer’s journey to reveal key insights of user, customer, or patient experiences with Forsta Digital Diaries and Communities. 

Forsta InterVu

Full-service online focus groups 

Dig deeper to gain valuable insights with our full-service online in-depth interview and focus group solution. Have meaningful conversations with respondents and capture non-verbal clues, anywhere, at any time. 

Forsta Discussions

Quick and easy online focus groups 

Delve into the human experience with Discussions. Gather feedback, by conducting one-on-one interviews or focus groups right from within the Forsta platform. Just a few minutes to set up for hours of vivid insights into your participants: their motivations, concerns and behavior.  

Forsta Vision

Add online video to in-person focus groups. 

Be in the room, wherever you may be. No need to travel: sit back in your own office and watch a high-quality stream with 360* viewing. Put observers at the heart of any focus group or interview.

Qualitative research software

Interested in opening the qual floodgates?  

Let the rich data pour in with our wide range of qualitative research tools. Expand your research and go beyond the statistics. Get in touch, and we can show you our qualitative solutions.