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Hear that? It’s the employee voices that can propel your business forward

Your people are your business. Understanding their full experience, and acting to improve it, will soon make an impact on your bottom line. Voice of Employee (VoE) programs help you do just that.

Turn your people’s
feedback into business gains


Measure what matters

Employee satisfaction, engagement, lifecycle – when you can measure and understand them, you’ll see the hidden dimensions of your people’s experiences.


See where your EX is lacking. And fix it

Lost a few of your best people? Mediocre reviews on Glassdoor? Get the employee feedback and analytics tools to find the root cause of any problem.


See where you’re excelling. And do more of it

One person absolutely nailing it in a particular area? Understand exactly what they’re doing right. Break it down and give everyone the knowledge to excel the same way.


Ride the ripple effect

With the right insights and actions, you’ll see benefits flow throughout your business. Attract top talent, keep your best people, and make them more engaged.


Lose the hunch

Gut instinct is overrated. If you want to lower your staff turnover, raise productivity or make any other positive change, look to the data. With the right insights, you’ll know your decisions are based on hard evidence. Present these insights in reports and infographics to push your whole business towards a more data-driven culture.


Make it a constant conversation

An annual employee survey might give you great insight in January. But if satisfaction nosedives in February, you’re waiting a long time to understand the problem and fix it. So check in regularly. A steady flow of feedback will keep you constantly up to speed. And with the right tools, it’s simple, customizable and automated.


Hear feedback from every angle

See your employees experience through the eyes of those who work with them. 360-degree feedback takes input from each person’s peers, managers and subordinates – even customers or suppliers. Pair this with their self-evaluation to see how you can help them excel.


If you know about EX,
you know about Forsta

We partner with the big businesses. The forward-thinkers. From agencies like Kantar and Populus, to industry giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Bupa and eBay.


Perfect a partnership
built around you

When we crunch our industry’s numbers, we see some pleasing results. We have the longest relationships with our clients. We lead the market in our go-live times and speed to business value. That’s because we collaborate, bring deep expertise and we flex and scale to your needs. (And because we’re a friendly bunch too.)


“The survey was completely tailored, and Forsta was great in helping our team resolve issues quickly and achieve a good response rate. They were instrumental from survey design all the way to implementation.”

April Pack, Senior Manager, Global Sales College, MARS

Employee experience

Open your ear to whole new insights

Get in touch and we’ll show you the Forsta platform’s full EX repertoire.