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Dive deeper into your insight.
Find the why behind the what.  

Want to see the hidden human? The stories behind the statistics? You get the full picture with in-depth discussions and focus groups.  

Delve into a drop in NPS score, a lull in sentiment, or an interesting idea from a diary study. Our tools help you dive deeper. 

Sharpen your toolset with
online focus groups


Nail the nitty-gritty 

Use our tools to dig deeper. Discuss guided topics, stimuli or specific details about a product, service, or experience.  


Close the say-do gap 

Unpack the emotions and motivations that drive behavior. Use non-verbal cues like body language and facial expressions.


Broaden your knowledge  

Understand wide range of attitudes, experiences, and attitudes. Diversity is a commodity in the era of globalization.


Built for professionals 

All our focus group tools are built with research and CX professionals in mind. We have what works for you and your business.  

Forsta Discussions
Forsta InterVu
Forsta Vision

Forsta Discussions

Online focus groups at your fingertips

Looking for a quick, DIY solution? With Discussions you can create, manage, and run online focus groups with just a few clicks. Easily set up sessions and run focus groups straight from the Forsta platform. Deepen your insight by adding online focus groups and in-depth conversations to your existing research.  

Forsta InterVu

Full-service focus groups

InterVu has everything you need to run online focus groups and one-on-one interviews. It includes pro research tools like polling, file sharing with markup, backroom and supports 8+ languages. Plus full-service tech support and project management from start to finish.  

Forsta Vision

Add streaming to your live focus groups 

Include another dimension to your in-person focus groups with Vision. Expand your reach with observers able to join virtual backrooms. Vision offers best-in-class security and technology you can rely on. Discover our network of 1200+ global facilities and get up and running online for the perfect glitch-free hybrid session. 

Online focus groups

Find the stories behind the statistics 

Interested in our online focus group solutions? Get in touch, and we can help you find the solution you need.