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Every bit of data is part of a story. Connect it all up so you never miss a chapter.

Operational data can give you signals. Surveys can give you perspective. And Behavioral data can track outcomes. But you need to bridge it all together to see the full story.

How Forsta makes
multiple data streams work as one 

All the data that matters, in one place 

Keep track of where all your insights are coming from and what your employees are doing to make an impact. 

Listen better, so you can ask smarter 

Pull together any data you want to connect, like CRM data, purchase transactions, operational metrics, call center notes and recordings. 

Up-to-the-minute insights

Forsta takes all your combined data and continuously synchronizes changes. So your insights are always up to date and you’re never blindsided. 


See the changes that make for good insights

Forsta continuously monitors all the data coming in. When it sees a change from the norm, it’ll start tracking it. So when trends start to emerge that could have a story behind them, you’ll be the first to know.


One customer, many touchpoints

Forsta stores all your customers’ profiles by one unique key, like customer ID or email address. So you can link up each customer’s experiences and understand their full journey. With a picture this clear, you can ask for feedback at the right time and at the right frequency – across all the channels each customer uses.


”Forsta allows you to be truly open. You click on a link on our website, and directly navigate the data. It is incredibly easy; you have access to everything with no login required.”

Robert Pain, Senior Insight Advisor, Transport Focus
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Bring it all together and see what’s really happening 

Get in touch and we’ll show the new insights Forsta can give you when all your data comes together in the right way.