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Voice sentiment analysis

Words you can feel 

If you only know the words a person said, you’ve only got half the picture. With Forsta, you can capture the emotions in speech, and use them to tell richer, sharper stories.

How Forsta takes you beyond words 


Get accurate machine transcriptions in a flash, across a wide variety of local languages.  

Analyze sentiment

Use smart machine learning to know when a speaker’s happy, sad, anxious, or calm. 

Sort and search audio

Turn reems of audio into libraries of clips that are easy to pull out and play. Sort, filter and search by variables including emotion. 


Map the “shape” and “color” of feelings across a piece of speech, and watch them unfold as you listen. 


Put emotion at the heart of your research 

Our tools let you capture the emotion in a piece of speech, and turn it into a category of its own. Which means being about to filter, sort and search by feeling, right down to the emotions attached to a single word or phrase.  


Get people talking

Capture your participants’ “right here right now” responses with a simple “press to record” survey plugin. Or, put our tech to use on long-form audio like focus group recordings. 


From saying to seeing

Grasp emotion in an instant, with vivid visualizations of what participants felt as they spoke. Near-real-time analysis lets you watch the “color” and “shape” of emotions change over the course of a piece of speech. Or, use emotion clouds for a quick visual take on what words track with what feelings. 

“We’re able to supplement our qualitative insight from phone interviews to gain new insights via the service’s emotion detection and sentiment analysis capabilities and to better support and evidence our findings.”

Mike Pepp
Account Director, Blueprint Partnership

Voice sentiment analysis

Hear the human experience

Get in touch and we’ll show you all the things Forsta’s voice analysis tools can do.