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Product development

Trace the gap in your market before you fill it

Product launches can be exhilarating or terrifying. It all depends on how much you know beforehand.

Product Experience research can test whether there’s a market. And inform crucial decisions about price, name, packaging and design. So your launch will feel less like a leap of faith, and more like an orderly, logical leap forward.

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How Product Experience research will lead you to winning innovation


Map the market

What do customers want? Where are they getting it from? How can you win their loyalty? Find out by marking your position in the market, relative to your competitors.


See consumers in action

Put your product in the hands of your ideal customers. See how they react when faced with your latest gadget or jar or website. Make changes before you actually launch.


Put your branding to the test

Show your best side when you go out in public. How? Trying out different looks in front of a select audience. Test marketing decisions – from ads and websites to colors and flavors.


Name your price

Good value doesn’t have to mean cheap. Test price points with consumers to see how they’d affect sales and profitability.


Iterate all the way
to the bank

There’s always room for improvement. Even after launch, PX can point out things to tweak and refine. Question the layout of a store or a website. The flow of a checkout system or user manual. The ease of pouring coffee or opening a car door.

ITERATIVE DESIGN Iterate all the way to the bank, employee experience management platform
NAME SURVEYS Find your household name employee experience software.


Find your household name

A product name needs to stand out. Without causing confusion. Fit with your brand. Without blending in with the rest of your portfolio.

With so much riding on this choice, hadn’t you better get a second opinion? How about a fiftieth? We run these surveys all the time.


Pass a parcel with flying colors

Check in with consumers as your packaging develops. Share prototypes. Send boxes and bags for in-home user testing. See what they think, before your production lines get moving.

PACKAGING TESTS Pass a parcel with flying colors employee experience software, employee experience management platform


Pampers were facing a conundrum: as babies and toddlers moved up a diaper size, their parents weren’t sticking with them. We helped Pampers figure out why, for many parents, a size change often meant a brand change.

Pampers were facing a conundrum: as babies and toddlers moved up a diaper size

Product development

Take fear out of the equation

There’s always an element of risk when you change a product – or launch something entirely new. But you can choose to manage it. Act on hard data rather than hunches. PX research can tell you what customers actually want before you commit.