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Turn your people’s opinions into business boosts

Voice of Employee (VoE) matters. But to prove just how much it matters, you need the hard data and deep insights to bring to the boardroom.

How Forsta puts the value of
your people onscreen


If it matters, measure it

Forsta takes data from any touchpoint and puts it in clear, quantifiable terms. Engagement, lifecycle, satisfaction – see it all in one story.


Collect your feedback effortlessly

Automatically send surveys to the right people. With the rules you set, you can max out your response rates and use your dashboard to keep tabs on your progress.


Every cost accounted for

Putting all your VoE data in one place cuts costs. And the reports, presentations and infographics you produce can put a clear ROI on any program.


Make the results speak volumes

Everything’s designed to share the insights you capture, quickly and easily. So your whole business can see the way forward.


Keep yourself in the loop

How are you checking in with your people? Annual reviews? Occasional staff satisfaction surveys? That’s a recipe for vague, out-of-date data. Our survey templates are endlessly customizable. And our scheduling tools will help you find the length, format and frequency of surveys to max out your engagement. So you’re always making decisions with bang up-to-date data.


See where your EX is lacking. And fix it.

Staff turnover a bit too high? Hearing rumblings through the grapevine? With regular feedback and deep data analytics, you can get to the root cause of any problem. Give the right insights to the right people and you’ll soon see your metrics on the mend.


Give your people the insights to improve

See your employees experience through the eyes of those who work with them. 360-degree feedback takes input from each person’s peers, managers, subordinates – even customers or suppliers. Pair this with their self-evaluation to see how you can help them excel.


Make fast moving, data-fueled decisions the norm

Forsta’s built for fast decision-making. Found a new insight that needs addressing? Send out mobile alerts to those who can take action. Doing one particular task the same each time? Automate it. Not really working in a fast, data-driven culture? Lead by example.


If you know about EX,
you know about Forsta

We partner with the big businesses. The forward-thinkers. From agencies like Kantar and Populus, to industry giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Bupa and eBay.


Perfect a partnership built around you

When we crunch our industry’s numbers, we see some pleasing results. We have the longest relationships with our clients. We lead the market in our go-live times and speed to business value. That’s because we collaborate, bring deep expertise, and we flex and scale to your needs. (And because we’re a friendly bunch too.)


Turn employee experiences into real-world innovations

Forsta Crowdsourcing virtual ideation lets you generate, collect, prioritize, and implement business critical ideas at scale. Launch targeted idea challenges and create an endless pipeline of innovative ideas set to keep you ahead of the competition at every step – be it product, sales or operations.


“Our experience with Forsta has been terrific. It feels like a true partnership. It’s us working with a group of professionals who are collaborative and consultative and they’re the experts so they give advice and guidance which we really appreciate.”

Seth Hall, SVP, Customer Service
Philadelphia Insurance Companies

EX professional

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