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Frontline Innovation

Empower your frontline. Boost engagement across your business.

No one knows more than your employees on the frontline. Turn each one into a champion of change and drive performance. With Forsta Frontline Innovation you can effortlessly tap employee ideas to accelerate strategic growth and strengthen engagement. 

Move the needle with brilliant ideas 

A minute (well, a day) to liftoff 

Launch a listening post or a challenge to capture ideas from frontline teams within a day.

Unearth brilliant insights 

Easily rank, score or vote for exceptional staff suggestions. 

Collaborate to innovate  

All teams, can view, vote, and comment on ideas from all challenges. Collaboration for the win! 

From idea to implementation, effortlessly 

Build business cases for the best ideas, review and approve at each stage, track progress and more. So that no good idea gets left behind.  

Turn innovation into motivation 

Reward and recognize top-notch ideas, in one place. Incentivize ideation and boost collaboration. 

Bigger and better 

Once started, you can scale your challenges across the business. So you can build better, everywhere.  


Don’t miss a thing 

Create a continuous listening channel for employees to share ideas, anytime. Employees select a pre-defined field to share ideas or self-categorize their submission. Manage submitted ideas, identify patterns and turn them into specific challenges to tackle top business priorities. 


Stay on target 

Tailor challenges to prompt ideas on focus areas. Share, comment, and vote/rank each one, to spot the best ideas. Drill into ideas and size up potential business impact, so you can implement right away. 

Project management

Power up your productivity 

Put projects in the fast lane with built-in project management, prioritization and intelligent ranking capabilities. You can also rank ideas based on the best and most viable options and decide what to do first. 

frontline innovation

Want to implement impactful ideas? 

Find out today how you can unlock the power of ideas in your organization.