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Effective reporting

Get them the facts, fast

If you produce reports, you want them up-to-the-minute, error-free, and in the hands of the people who need them, fast. Forsta lets you turn raw data into insight-packed reports 40% quicker than you do right now.

Get them the facts, fast

How Forsta makes reporting slick and simple

Save Time - Forsta

Save time

We’ve cut the clicks in report building by 70%.

Cut out errors

Jumping in and out of reports, chopping and changing info – it all adds up to errors. Forsta cuts manual edits for fewer slip-ups.

Report on the fly

Report on the fly

Throw variables together to create charts in an instant. Save and tweak templates to dish up top-notch reports in next to no time.

Change reports fast

Change up reports fast

Delivering different versions of the same report? Need to send some key info on the fly? We’ve made it fast and easy to adapt reports. If things change, one click’s all it takes to update a whole report with fresh data.


Decks? Dashboards? Done.

Our drag-and-drop workspaces let you pull data right onto the page and turn it into tables, charts and vivid infographics. Adapt old reports, or work from scratch. Interactive online dashboards can be delivered straight to the people who need them, and decks export direct to PowerPoint, PDF or Excel.

Decks? Dashboards? 


Let your reporting tools move in together

Handle everything to do with your reports in one place. That means you can see your data, explore it and put together reports, without wasting time or losing focus. That’s one platform for playing with the variables in your data, analyzing your metrics, whipping up instant charts, delivering reports and storing them with related docs.


Mission importable

Import survey data in almost any format – or link direct to your data sources and let it come to you. That means you can start putting together reports on your fieldwork the minute it wraps.

Forsta has helped KS&R accurately produce numerous PowerPoint reports in very short timeframes. It eliminates timely processes associated with tabulating and manual data population, which means more time for analysis and development of valuable insights for our clients.

Scott Woodward, KS&R


“Forsta’s dynamic nature provides the flexibility we need to adapt to our clients’ changing business situations, so we can quickly and effectively provide them with the reports they need to make well-informed business decisions.”  

Angel Roberts, VP, Finance & Administration, Trifecta


Produce whip-smart reports at warp speed

Get in touch and we’ll show you how Forsta turbo-charges reporting.