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Get your data singing in harmony 

Ditch the silos and forgotten survey results. Our centralized data hub brings all your sources together, for data that syncs, links – and turns into tangible insights you can use tomorrow. 

How Forsta gets your  
data talking 

Bring your sources together 

Call center interactions, survey results, sentiment on social, past-purchase information – bring all your data from different software on to one platform. Then choose what to map or link up as one set. 

Stats to stories in five  

See your data turned into dashboards and reports five minutes after you upload them. So you can turn numbers into knowledge in near-real time. 

Skip the manual updates 

You’ve added 30 new contacts to your database. A new focus group response has just dropped. Whenever your data changes, your dashboards automatically update in a few minutes.  

A little more conversation,
a lot more action 

United data and easy analysis means smarter, faster decisions to move your business forwards. From the tactical to the strategic. 


Keep your contacts close 

Set up a central set of customer or employee contacts. A unique key paired with each contact means they’re tied to every survey response they make. So you can easily keep tabs of who’s saying what, and make sure you don’t double up on questions.  


Stay out of the spam folder 

Because no one’s ever said, ‘I wish that company would email me more.’ Avoid overloading your employees, customers or survey participants by setting up rules as to how often you contact them. So you stay just the right side of communicative. 


I’ll have my data talk to your data 

Take a tour of our centralized data hub to see how it could smarten up your analysis.