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Join the dots on your customer journeys

You and your customers have history. You might have met once, twice, dozens of times. They know that, but do you? Map customer journeys to know them better, and make the most out of every encounter.

Why customer journeys matter


Happy customers

Unless you know your relationship history, you’re going to treat your customer like a stranger. It’s frustrating from a friend, and it’s frustrating from a brand.


Know what’s next

Stay one step ahead of your customers. Predict their next move so you can do something about it.


Spot pain points and magic moments

Highs, lows, opportunities – see all the big moments on your customer journey.


Put customers front and center

Make it easy for the people in your organization to think about, and care about, how customers feel when they meet your brand.

How Forsta helps you
map customer journeys


Step 1: Align it

We sit down with the biggest players in your organization, and quiz them on what they’re trying to do, and why. Then we draft a customer journey. Think of it as the pencil sketch.


Step 2: Explore it

We get 12-15 customer experts in a room. They spend a day refining the draft journey – working out where the big moments are, and what we can do to make every step sing.


Step 3: Prove it

A mix of qualitative and quantitative research – things like surveys, interviews, and focus groups – helps us work out where we’re on the money, and where we’re missing the mark.


Step 4: Connect and monitor it

Our report shows you each step your customer takes, and what it means. We suggest ways to improve their journey: what to start, stop, and keep up. We’ll give you a plan to make it happen, and monitor so you know what’s working.


“After the success we’d already had with our program, the logical next step was to harness text analytics to get a deeper understanding of the customer journey. Most importantly, it would enable us to find clarity amongst the noise created by so much data and provide a curated view for our users who are not data analysts. Being able to get them the insight that is relevant to them was the ultimate objective.”

Greg Christopher, Performance Insight Manager, RS Component


Know thy customer

Get in touch and we’ll show you all the things Forsta’s customer journey maps can do.