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Hear what your customers say about you behind your back

Forsta helps you find out what your customers really think: why they choose you, whether they like you, why they ditch you, and who for.

Why it pays to listen


Cut the guesswork

No more throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks. Get proof on what people think, so you can make the right call the first time.


Hear from everyone

Your biggest fans and your worst enemies shout loudest. We’ll help you get a balanced view of what all your customers think.


Happier customers

Once you know how people feel, you can do something about it: ramp up what they love and ditch what they don’t.


Better ads

We help you test your ads and understand your audience, so you can make marketing that works.


Fighting fit? Or not so hot?

We’ve got all the tools to help you get at the feedback that’s already out there, and drum up new data across text, video, and voice. See everything from your Net Promoter Score to what people are saying on social. Stay on top of it by tracking continuously, weekly or in waves.


Who’s your type?

Group customers by traits like what they buy, how they browse, how loyal they are, and what they’re into. That way you’ll know who’s never going to give you much love, and who’s a whisper away from being your biggest fan.


Put some science to the magic

Turbo-charge your marketing by finding out what content your audience loves, hates, and scrolls straight past. Then, put your own ads to the test. Whether they’re out in the world or still on the page, we’ve got a ton of tools to help you see how your ads are doing, and track it over time.


“Having the ability to not just show a chart but to tell a story in an infographic style really resonates well, especially with the Chief Marketing Officers. It’s easier for them to relate to. It means people can instantly see they are getting value out of their brand tracking programs.”

Scott Luck, Consumer Research Expert, Lieberman Research Worldwide


Get the inside scoop on your brand

Get in touch and we’ll show you all the things Forsta can tell you about your brand.