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Online survey software

Get to know the people behind the datapoints

Create surveys that are flexible, scalable and effortless to complete. Setup a process so slick that you’re not just running surveys anymore – you’re having a conversation.

Get to know the people behind the datapoints online survey software

Forsta gives your data
an extra dimension

80+ languages

Pick your starting point

Draft in Word, pick a template or delve into the code. Make your survey simple or sophisticated – local or global.

Watch and adapt on the fly

See your responses arrive and make tweaks in an instant. Our interface won’t miss a beat. 

Share your findings in a click 

Your data can be shared in PowerPoint or integrated into our visualization tools.

A worldwide test audience on tap

Our sample audiences will give you the answers you need, from the kinds of people you need them from.

INSTANT SURVEYS - Gut instinct? That’s just a guess


Gut instinct?
That’s just a guess

How loyal are your customers? What do they wish you did? How’s your messaging coming across? Don’t rely on months-old data or idle guesses – ask them here and now. Start with a template or from scratch, pick your audience and watch their opinions pour in.


Put a face to the data

Forsta surveys lets you collect videos of your customers answering your survey questions. So you can see all the little nuances that don’t come across in cold data.

Put a face to the data - online survey software

The tools that make
your surveys sing

An interface that speaks your language

An interface that speaks your language

Intuitive templates for the layperson. An XML editor for coders.

Device detection

Our platform knows what device your user’s on. So your surveys always look right at home.

Simulated data generator

Simulated data generator

Stress-test your surveys before they go live.

80+ languages

80+ languages

Quickly translate your surveys into multiple languages using our Excel-based export-import process


Tech support that can literally do the work for you

Struggling to get your surveys where you want them? Our researchers and programmers can help with anything – from quick tips and support to fully programming your surveys for you.

Tech support that can literally do the work for you


“Forsta is great at asking questions in a more engaging way. This coupled with the cross-tabs functionality has made it easier for us to report our KPIs across the business. We’re really happy with a platform that will work for seasons to come.”

Phil Roughsedge, Insight Manager, The FA Group
Forsta is great at asking questions in a more engaging way.

Online survey software

Get the answers you need, quickly and easily

Get in touch and we’ll show you all the other things Forsta can do.