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Flexible, scalable surveys to engage the people behind the datapoints

Setup a process so slick, you’re not just running a survey, you’re having a conversation and understanding the human being behind your data. Whatever your survey requirements, Forsta Surveys are suitable for first time users or seasoned pros. You need a just-in-time poll or something seriously advanced? You’re catered for, and should you need a helping hand on the way, our experienced services team are on-hand.

Pick your starting point

It’s never been faster or easier to build your surveys. Upload a Microsoft Word document, choose from a range of templates or get in the weeds and build from scratch. Our machine learning technology takes your word document and automatically detects question-types and answer options, translating them
into a customizable online survey.

Watch and adapt

When your survey is live, watch the responses roll in real-time. Our monitoring capabilities allow you to scrutinize and optimize your project. As soon as you’re ready, you can share insights quickly through the survey tool’s own dashboard and PowerPoint capabilities or utilize Forsta’s’ more advanced reporting capabilities

A worldwide test audience on tap

Sample Marketplace is a fully automated solution which connects you to a range of quality sample providers within the Forsta platform itself. Simply enter your sample requirements and you can choose the best sample, at a low cost and reach a global audience. Samples available in the following

US – English
UK – English
Spain – Spanish
Italy – Italian
Germany – German
France – French
Canada – English
Brazil – Portuguese

Device detection

All your surveys will be at home with our device detection capabilities. Better survey experience leads to better response rates and better data

Put a face to the data

Our surveys let you collect video open-ends so you can put a face to the cold data, and add those little nuances that don’t come across in pure quant data.

Key features

Sample marketplace

Acquire sample up to 80% faster with our fully automated system. Select from the following suppliers:

  • Lucid
  • Branded Surveys
  • InnovateMR
  • Marketcube

Microsoft Word uploader

Online survey creation has never been faster. Our machine learning technology automatically detects question types and answer options, significantly reducing the amount of time needed to create a fully programmed

Ready-to-use templates

Create or use preprogrammed survey templates so you can do more surveys, even quicker.

Multiple collection points

Reach your participants online, CATI, CAWI, CAPI, mobile and more.


Our surveys have the highest standards when it come to compliance and security. We meet national and international privacy laws including GDPR
and CCPA.


From programming to complete project coverage, Forsta can get your projects up and running in just five steps. If you need complete project coverage, you’ll have the benefit of a dedicated
client success manager and the knowledge of our lead programmers and project managers. Forsta are also experts in migrating trackers from a competitor survey solution.


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