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Why choose surveys?

Our flexible, scalable surveys allow you to meet the people behind the datapoints.

With surveys, you can go beyond simply running a survey and actually have a conversation. Whether you’re a first time user or a veteran, you’re absolutely catered for. Whether you require our services, or are happy to go it alone.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers said about surveys on G2.com

“I love how simple it is to program a study. With the new sample marketplace you can even program and buy sample all in one place.”

“This product makes programming easier. With the ability to program and customize in XML I can always deliver exactly what the client needs.”

“It is very user friendly and apt for all forms of data visualization and understanding the stats. The portrayal of bars and graphs, pie diagrams in accordance of accuracy is just phenomenal.”

“I can tell that’s a user friendly tool. I love the tutorials available
on the website.”

“The better alternative to

You can read more reviews of Forsta at www.g2.com

Key features

Pick your starting point

It’s never been faster or easier to build your surveys. Upload a Microsoft Word document, choose from a range of templates or get in the weeds and build from scratch. Our machine learning technology takes your word document and automatically detects question-types and answer options, translating them into a customizable online survey.

An audience on tap

Sample Marketplace is a fully automated solution that connects you to a range of quality sample providers within the Forsta platform itself. Simply enter your sample requirements and you can choose the best sample, at a low cost and reach a global

Device detection

All your surveys will be at home with our device detection capabilities. Better survey experience leads to better response rates and better data.

Watch and adapt

When your survey is live, watch the responses roll in real-time. Our monitoring capabilities allow you to scrutinize and optimize your project. As soon as you’re ready, you can share insights quickly through the survey tool’s own dashboard and PowerPoint capabilities or utilize Forsta’s more advanced reporting capabilities.


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