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How Forsta makes VoC more than the sum of its parts

Uncover the right insights and act upon them with Forsta. Our Voice of the Customer (VoC) capabilities give you all you need to understand your customers and give the right people the right tools. So you can make that understanding count. Whether you choose a self-service or managed service, Forsta’s end-to-end platform illustrates the entire customer journey. Every channel, on every device.

Consolidate your data

Break down siloed data sources and unlock customer insight hidden away outside of survey data. Through our extensive range of APIs, you can bring your financial, transactional or any other types of data into one place, and unlock insight that can get overlooked. What’s more, when you bring all your data into one place, you can see save
time and money immediately.

Open every channel

Through Forsta, you can reach your audiences where they are on any device. Deploy sophisticated surveys through multiple channels such as web, mobile, CATI, CAPI and paper. When you want to take things further, you can bring in digital interviews, online communities or even social media listening, facial emotion recognition and much more.

See what your customer sees

Our interactive dashboards provide a customer’s eye view of their experience. You’ll see precisely which areas of the customer journey need attention and act accordingly. You can track performance by line of business, product, region or any other category. Essentially, you’ll make decisions based on true customer and operational data.

Voice of Customer on the go

Manage your VoC program and make actions happen from the palm of your hand. Forsta mobile capabilities keep you up-to-date with the latest insights wherever you may be. For example, if you’re a CX manager responsible for multiple store locations, you can pull up the latest data for that store and region.

Key features

Consolidate data

All your data in one place. Multichannel data collection with surveys, AI-driven text analytics, social listening and more.

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Uncover insight

Manage hierarchies and process your data all in one place. Easy-to-use, built-in structured and
unstructured data analytics ensure you can measure metrics and set benchmarks.

Tell a story

Easy dashboard design in your custom branding means you can build real-time, visualized stories.

Action and monitor

Close the loop with individual customers and monitor the impact of your actions from your desktop or mobile device.


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