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Strategies for agency success in the era of research technology:  Automation and efficient processes

Tightening research budgets. Increased use of DIY technologies. Profit margins under relentless downward pressure. Wherever you look these days, you can find doom-and-gloom commentary on the outlook for research agencies. 

But there’s an alternative story here. 

Demand for research and insight is growing. New methods, tools and data sources are proliferating. And research agencies are uniquely positioned to help organisations understand their audiences. 

At Forsta, we strongly believe in this second narrative. In fact, we think this is a new golden age for agencies

We work with hundreds of great research companies all over the world. Every day, we see inspiring examples of innovation, client impact and commercial success. 

In this four-part webinar series, we’ll explore some of the key ways in which agencies can create success in this new era for the insights industry. 

Hear industry consultant Mike Stevens and Forsta experts Fredrik Osterberg and Chris Brown to hear how your agency can seize the big opportunities in today’s research ecosystem. 

Part 2: Process automation and efficiency 


  • Why technology will continue to exert deflationary pressure on the research industry 
  • How agencies are streamlining by reducing manual work, redirecting resources and improving profit margins 
  • Examples of research companies who have successfully adopted new processes that drive better commercial outcomes 
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