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Tightening research budgets. Increased use of DIY technologies. Profit margins under relentless downward pressure. It feels like only doom-and-gloom for research agencies.

But that’s not true.

Demand for research and insight is growing. New methods, tools and data sources are proliferating. And research agencies are uniquely positioned to help organizations understand their audiences.

At Forsta, we strongly believe in this second narrative. In fact, we think this is a new golden age for agencies. We work with hundreds of great research companies all over the world. Every day, we see inspiring examples of innovation, client impact and commercial success.

Our four-part webinar series explores some of the key strategies with which agencies can be successful in this new era for the insights industry.

In part 3, we debunk the notion that research is a binary choice between humans and machines, between full-service support and ‘DIY’ software.

Learn from industry consultant Mike Stevens and Forsta experts Fredrik Osterberg on how your agency can seize the big opportunities in today’s research ecosystem.

Part 3: Blended technology & services

You’ll learn:

  1. Why hybrid models that combine software and research expertise are the key to meeting client requirements
  2. How agencies can generate new revenue from their own technology-based intellectual property
  3. The pros and cons of different ways to create hybrid ‘products’ that blend human research skills and best-in-class software

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