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Seamlessly collect feedback within your Mobile App

Forsta has a plethora of mobile apps to meet all your business needs. We have apps for everything from consumer surveys branded to suit your style to on-the go reports and dashboards so you never miss a beat.

But with more than 2.7 billion smart phone users around the world, it’s no surprise that many brands today have their own apps to engage their customers. It may even be their primary interface to your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could collect all sorts of feedback directly from the app, everything from general feedback on your products, services and the usability of the app itself, to specific feedback on new features, new offerings, or even perhaps new workflows or business models?

This is what Forsta’s Mobile App Software Development Kit (SDK) is all about. It enables you to embed the power of Forsta Survey seamlessly and directly inside your iOS and Android mobile apps.

What is Forsta’s Mobile App SDK

Forsta’s Mobile App SDK allows you to embed feedback collection into your mobile apps with a completely seamless look, feel, and unmatched flexibility. This means that you are in complete control over how surveys within your app look and behave. There are virtually no limitations. Best of all, your mobile developers will be delighted working with Forsta’s Mobile App SDK. We’ve designed this SDK to be fast, easy, flexible, and lightweight with minimal footprint impact on your existing app.

What are the benefits?

Our an always-on feedback button so users can tell you what’s on their mind

Ask users about their experience as part of any transaction-oriented workflow

Have users tell you their experiences using a new product

Embed thumbs up/down or like buttons into your app’s content so your users can quickly give you feedback


Provide tailored ways to collect feedback from your users in ways unique to your app

Make changes to survey definitions in Forsta Survey and see immediate updates your app without having to republish the app

Leverage the power of the Forsta Survey platform to power your feedback collection efforts and to analyse the results

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