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Interactive dashboards

interactive dashboards

See it all in an instant

Create dynamic, living visuals that can be adjusted and explored. Dynamic, online dashboards update with new data automatically, giving the full picture of your data and shareable with anyone, on any device.

Stories you can see

Turn lists of names and numbers into a living, breathing entity. A template library with drag-and-drop tools helps you reinvent your reports from black and white data, to something colorful, visual, interactive and accessible on multiple devices.

On the beat

Data constantly shifts and you can watch it shift in real-time with our dashboards. Graphics will refresh themselves live, alert you when something looks wrong and you can react as fast as your data changes.

Views that move

Different people, need different dashboards. Tailor your dashboards to specific individuals so they only see what they needs to see without any noise. Our dashboards seamlessly fit onto whatever device you’re
using through device recognition capabilities. Finally, dynamic filtering allows you to question your data, and
gain a host of different information depending on how you decide to slice and dice.

Key features

template library

Template library

Objects, slides, icons and shapes are on hand to help you build visual dashboards.

Flexible sharing

Deliver dashboards to anyone, on any device and let them delve into the data with dynamic filters. You control what info different people see and what they can do with it.

live data

Live data

Dashboards update themselves with each fresh wave of data, so you always know what’s happening as it’s happening.

drag and drop

Drag-and-drop build

No programming needed. Drag-and-drop to create dashboards intuitively.


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