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Historical data 0. Refreshed data 1. The FA wins with post-event survey overhaul

There are always possible risks when deciding to upgrade survey solutions and make big changes to an existing survey format. The FA (formerly known as The English Football Association) weighed up the odds against the potential gains and achieved great success.

Learn how The FA refreshed and reinvigorated a long-standing post-event tracking study. By willing to risk historical data for future success, they stepped back and reviewed the entire program. Working with key stakeholders, they updated the questions and capitalized on Forsta’s capabilities with customer branding, interactive question types, and ensured it was mobile-first. The results? On-point questioning, improved respondent experience, better data quality, and tangible KPIs for multiple departments.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • How Insights at The FA has grown from one person to a team of nine within six years and are built into most decision-making processes
  • How they approached refreshing a long-standing post-event study, being prepared to ‘risk’ historical data to improve the quality and value of the data gathered
  • The benefits reaped from the refreshed study with renewed engagement from key stakeholders and greater use of the data throughout the business
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