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Guiding you through your CX program

Building and growing a Customer Experience (CX) program is no easy task due to multiple factors, ranging from incomplete strategy, lack of executive support, ineffectual action planning. It’s all very well knowing what’s best practice, but what’s best for the project?

Who is Forsta Consulting?

We are a team of experts with years of experience, ready to guide and support you through your CX program. Our framework gives a customized, strategic approach to implement your Voice of the Customer (VoC) program. From the initial conception, all the way through to maturity we’ll provide a roadmap to build the foundation to all your
CX efforts.

How are we different?

We bridge the gap between the business requirements and the technology. We know how to get the most out of the tech available. We are hands-on, with years of experience working with Forsta technology. We’re dedicated solely to Forsta clients and the success of your program. From day one, we align with your desired outcomes and build your program to meet them. We’ll also scale our services to whatever level is required. Be that light touch, to full-on program management.

Our framework


We know you need to make the biggest impact on your organization, touching all levels and anticipating ROI. We’ll then build a customer journey map identifying key touchpoints, and highlight where your listening posts should be. We’ll protect successful elements and improve trouble points. Finally, we define the program. It has to be aligned to the overall business needs and build towards tangible results.


We design a program that delivers both tactical and strategic benefits. It will be robust, scalable and based on your needs. This stems from the design of the data capture, right the way through to how results are reported. Our reports are focused on action, and tailored to the correct individuals to put that action in place.


Where many VoC programs fail is when it comes to planning actions. We run sessions dedicated solely to avoiding this common pitfall. We’ll help you identify, structure and prioritize actions, based on the insights from your VoC program. We’ll also drive action within the VoC program itself. We’ll continually assess the maturity of the program, recommend areas of improvement and increase ROI.


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