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Digital diaries and online communities

digital communities

Collaborate closely with your customers

Get the input of your customers in a way that appeals directly to them. With Digital Diaries and Online Communities, you can open up a priceless stream of insights, bringing you closer to your customers.

See how your brand fits into your customers’ lives

Our digital diaries and online communities switch effortlessly between phone, tablet and desktop. It’s easy to ask questions, and easy for them to respond. Start the conversation, add interactive events, ad ideas, prototype packaging – whatever you want real-time feedback on.

Your own mini social media app

How do people think, behave and spend their money? Get them posting, commenting and sharing with each other on a live feed. They can be the content creators and sharers, let them upload photos and videos to give you instant feedback on every new idea – from the very people you’re designing it for.

Researchers, the power is in your hands

When your data comes in, you can dig into it however you like. We don’t just make it easy for the participants, we make it easy for you too. View images and videos in galleries, generate word clouds and much more.


Sometimes, you’re so busy you just need that helping hand to get started. Our services are completely scalable to your needs. We provide a full range of initial trainings for researchers and/or observants and we can help you build your activity guide

Key features

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Mobile app

Use across any device alongside the native mobile app or simply use the app standalone.

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Security and compliance

Privacy and security features keeps your data secure and compliant with national and international privacy laws.

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Concept canvas

Optimize your packaging or store fronts, create journeys and timelines and countless other ways to capture feedback through the concept canvas tool.

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Our range of partners make it easier for you to run your DIY projects.

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DIY or professional services

Easily set up and run a study on your own or rely on our Professional Services support team.


Digital Diaries & Communities

Digital Diaries & Communities Capture insights in the moment of decision making. Get their input during key moments in their journey with activity-based diary entries. Build a community of your customers. Bring them together. Interact with them on your own mini social media platform. And then sit back and enjoy a priceless stream of in-the-moment […]

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Digital Diaries & Communities

Top tips for choosing a focus group tool

Top tips for choosing a focus group tool Gloves off Are you running focus groups? Got the features you need? Ten hard-hitting questions. 1. Want to avoid fiddly downloads? Forsta InterVu runs in the respondent’s browser. No plugins. No downloads. Just hit it. 2. No such thing as a free lunch? Forsta InterVu is based […]

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Top tips for choosing a focus group tool

Why qualitative wins: The future of human experience insights

Why qualitative wins: The future of human experience insights Why qualitative wins: The future of human experience insights The growth trifecta: why qualitative research is growing so fast Tell me more. And more. And more. We want the full story. The colors, the shapes, the sounds, and the feelings. It’s no longer enough to sift […]

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Why qualitative wins: The future of human experience insights

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