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CX expert series: Ryan Denny – Bupa Global

The sheer scale and diversity of unstructured data sources is daunting. But those sources house valuable insights that can make an enormous difference in a competitive market. Ignoring them is not an option.

They are critical to determining customer intent, keep abreast of vital market trends, or get early warning of product or service issues.In this video, Ryan Denny of Bupa Global talks about the impact of text analytics on Bupa’s customer experience program. He explains how, by using Forsta, they have been able to move from a manual approach in which they analyzed only a small sample of customer comments, to an automated approach where 90% of customer verbatims are reviewed.

The new approach also allows stakeholders across the company to access the results and use them to make decisions and define actions. Ryan also discusses the importance of being able to build an effective, flexible text analytics model to analyze customer comments. He explains how Forsta’s text analytics experts worked with Bupa Global to go through several iterations of their model to ensure it was a perfect fit for their needs.

This approach, along with the training program that got them started, not only means they have a great model in place, but that it is future-proofed to ensure it moves with business changes.

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