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CX expert series: Peter Wild – ANSYS

In this video, Peter Wild, Software Development Director at ANSYS gives his advice to companies planning to start a customer experience program. He explains that if businesses are going to be able to act on feedback effectively, it’s vital to bring people together from across different parts of the business. Peter explains how at ANSYS, they needed to focus on workflows and processes that touch many parts of the company, so getting buy-in from stakeholders around the company was key to their success.

Peter goes on to talk about the impact that the customer experience program at ANSYS has had on their technical support function. They were able to move from an annual tech support survey to a transaction-based approach that delivers immediate, highly granular feedback after an agent closes a case. This enables ANSYS to view feedback at an agent, team, and customer level which is vital to enable improvement efforts.

Finally, Peter talks about working with Forsta. He talks about the importance of the stable Saas platform and the benefits of the technology. He also cites the consulting capabilities of the Forsta team, noting that ANSYS has taken advantage of a review process that ensures their program is always informed by the latest best practice and uses new technologies. He also highlights the benefits of winning a Forsta ACE Award which is a great way to recognize everyone who works on the CX program.

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