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Cint and Forsta’s strategies to safeguard survey integrity

Ghost completes haunt the vast majority of the market research industry. These increasingly common responses shake survey integrity – leading to inaccurate data and compromised research outcomes. They also drive significant extra costs for the market research industry. 

Join us in an action-packed session with Cint, a global technology leader in digital insights gathering, where we’ll share how our unique partnership is reducing survey fraud, improving data quality and security, and nearly eliminating ghost completes for good.  

During the session, led by our panelists Oscar Carlsson and Brian Bhuta, you can expect to learn: 

  • The state of the industry – what’s driving fraud, why it has become so prevalent, and what you should be aware of 
  • The impact of securing surveys and why S2S is the tightest security solution 
  • How to safeguard survey integrity and raise the standard for data quality with Cint and Forsta’s partnership