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See the people behind the datapoints 

Your participants say a lot without words. Sometimes in the tilt of a head, the hint of a smile, the way their voice rises. Unlock that info with tools that sift through reems of footage and get to the gold. 

How Forsta turns mountains of videos into moments of insight 


AI finds the magic moments in your video. 

Language detection 

AI understands what your speakers say, and works out who’s talking when. Get machine transcriptions in seconds, and order human transcriptions from inside the platform. 

Sentiment analysis 

Our platform sorts the smiles from the scowls and tells you when people were feeling positive, negative or neutral. 


Become your own editor with the tools to create clips and showreels. 


Get to the good stuff 

Video can drive you crazy. You know there are golden moments in all that footage but finding it yourself can take days or weeks. Forsta can sift through hundreds of thousands of hours in minutes, whittle it down to the most important moments, and even edit them into highlight reels. 


Tell stories that move 

Presenting findings shouldn’t mean losing the faces and voices of the people behind them. Forsta lets you edit clips and reels into sit-up-and-watch stories. Work solo or collaborate. Start from scratch, or make the most of templates and readymade highlight reels. 

Store, sort and search your
videos all in one place 

Space saving 

Forsta gives you a single place to store all your hefty video files, so they stop clogging up servers and the cloud. 

No more dusty reels 

Clips are easy to pull out. They come readymade with thumbnails and include key info like length, and when they were added or edited. 

Under lock and key 

Top-tier security and safe link sharing mean only the people who need to can get their hands on your clips. 

Data safe 

Our platform keeps you on the right side of data regs. 

VIDEO insights AND highlight reels

There are people in your data. Time to let them out. 

Get in touch and we’ll show you all the things Forsta can do.