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Rescuing a leading research firm from spreadsheet hell

Tools used

  • Global KPI tracking and filtering
  • Data analytics
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Infographics

Trifecta were spending hours upon hours filtering through raw data on Microsoft Excel. They needed an analytics platform built for the task.

The challenge

Breaking down a barrage of data in a reasonable amount of time

Trifecta had landed a big new client. But this meant creating trending reports from an unstructured mess of data in Microsoft Excel. To make sure everyone had only the data they needed, they ended up with 15 different spreadsheets. And as soon as one spreadsheet needed a small change, Trifecta had to spend hours manually updating the other 14. The files became so big, they couldn’t even email them anymore.

“Forsta’s dynamic nature provides the flexibility we need to adapt to our clients’ changing business situations, so we can quickly and effectively provide them with the reports they need to make well-informed business decisions.”

Angel Roberts
VP of Finance and Administration, Trifecta

Our solution

Turning datapoints into storylines. Fast.

We helped Trifecta to shift the contents of their spreadsheets onto Forsta’s personalized dashboards. This made it easy for them to transform their data into insights that were clear and visually engaging – essential when you’re dealing with wave-over-wave trending. Trifecta could now track global KPIs and filter them by regions, segments and timeframes. And with personalized dashboards, everyone gets only the information they need. So one click of a button replaced hours of updating 15 spreadsheets.

The results

Much less time spent, for far better results

With Forsta, Trifecta could create their client’s trending reports four times faster – and make them far more visually interesting. The personalized dashboards made it easy for the client to deal with any of their stakeholders’ follow-up requests – rather than passing them to Trifecta. Follow up that would’ve taken days now took only a few minutes. Instead of taking three months to support the project once it was done, Trifecta could focus on more strategic tasks.

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