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Easily add live streaming to your
in-person focus groups

Add secure and data-protected online video to your in-person focus groups. No need for travel or complicated logistics. Anyone can be in the room, wherever they may be. Forsta Vision offers the highest quality stream, along with 360 degree viewing*, so observers can be at the heart of any focus group or interview.

* Where available and at additional cost.  

A virtual backroom
for in-person focus groups

Be in the room where it happens  

With crystal clear 360 live video, a full-face view and panoramic camera, focus group observers are in the heart of the conversation. 

Live tech support 

Reduce technology headaches with robust technical support. Forsta’s dedicated technicians monitor every session as it happens online.  

Built for research professionals  

Highlight key moments as you view footage to save time plus access time-coded transcripts for your video.

Wherever & whenever you need 

Our network of 1200+ facilities, stretching across the globe, can help you book your projects at speed. 


Best-in-class security 

All online video sessions adhere to the highest privacy regulations and security standards from secure login to advanced network security. 


Gain richer insights with a virtual backroom 

Unlimited virtual back room space so you can host as many observers as you want, each able to offer a different perspective and viewpoint. 

Find a focus group facility

Search our facility directory of over 1,200 locations to book your next Forsta Vision project.

Forsta vision

Looking to add digital to your in-person focus groups? 

We have the perfect solution for you. Find a facility near you, book a project, find out more. We are here to help you, every step of the way.