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Forsta Studio Canvas

Your data, your story

Power up your presentations with compelling data and engaging imagery. Forsta Studio Canvas allows you to design easily configured reports – so that you can tell your story, in your style.

Be the master of your own story

Turn stats to stories 

Make data insights more meaningful by adding context and explaining the ‘why’ behind the data. 

Add depth to your data analysis 

Start with a blank canvas, use images or colors as backgrounds, play with icons and add data points wherever you want in your report. 

Engage your audience 

Capture your audience’s attention and let them connect and correlate to your story.

Incite your audience to act  

Prompt action with data insights that are relevant, reliable, and relatable. 

drag and drop

Painting by numbers has never been easier 

With Studio Canvas, art is for everyone, and it is easy – move images, icons, data points, charts, etc. with simple and intuitive drag and drop functionalities.


Bring left and right brains together 

With Studio Canvas you can close the gap between analytics and emotions with exciting visual elements and a compelling narrative.


Easily accessible and always available

Studio Canvas can be accessed easily within the Forsta `hx Platform.

Forsta studio canvas

Want to create your own data story?

Find out how Studio Canvas can help you become the master of your story.