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Building an information super-highway for Transport Focus


Tools used

  • Deck creation
  • Data repository
  • Cross tabulation
  • Infographic dashboards
  • PowerPoint batch reporting

Transport Focus is an independent watchdog for transport users. Looking out for the interests of passengers and drivers in the UK. It wanted to open its survey data to the public, which meant it needed a truly accessible data hub. So that’s exactly what we delivered.

The challenge

Data was getting stuck at junctions

There was plenty to change. Data came in from different research agencies. It was held in a variety of formats. And it was scattered across a handful of platforms.   And these platforms hadn’t been designed for the public, either. Security was too high. Visual interest was too low. There wasn’t a chart or infographic in sight. 

“We’re able to be so open. You click on a link on our website, and directly navigate the data. It is incredibly easy; you have access to everything with no login required.”

Robert Pain
Senior Insight Advisor, Transport Focus

Our solution

There was demand for modern infrastructure

Our platform became the platform for Transport First. A single hub for all its survey data. Serving both internal and external stakeholders. 

That wide-ranging group includes journalists, who’ve made great use of our data visualization tools. And politicians, who have remarked on how user friendly it is for a public-facing system.

The results

Today, Transport Focus takes smooth and easy journeys

Transport Focus may have started this project for the public good, but its own teams have benefited from the change.  

Its insight team can get more done. (And not only because their colleagues find answers themselves, and get automatic alerts when new data arrives.)

For one project, the insights team made 100 PowerPoint decks for different stakeholders. Each with 80 slides. Now, that’s something that just wasn’t possible before we introduced our platform.

Building an information super-highway for Transport Focus

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