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Forsta tech puts KS&R’s research in the fast lane

KS&R has been getting creative with the Forsta platform. They’ve managed to cut two days from the time it takes them to create complex new surveys – and four days from their reporting time. And they got better insights as a result. Here’s how. 

Surveys customized. Workload downsized. 

Global research firm KS&R run a lot of surveys. And with unique needs for every client, these surveys can get really complicated.  

KS&R’s speed and efficiency has stepped up a gear since they started using Forsta. Their VP and Principal, Chris Reimann, said it was all down to customization.  

KS&R’s quantitative online surveys now have more interesting-looking questions that engage the user more. Their questionnaires’ complex routing now works as a plus, because Reimann’s team can automatically adjust the wording to personalize it for each participant.  

On top of this, Forsta handles multiple languages and adapts effortlessly to mobile displays – saving Reimann’s team time and money. 

More participation. More visualization. 

These more interesting, easy to follow surveys get far more responses. So KS&R’s fieldwork progresses faster. This all makes for more data, which goes into creating better insights for clients. 

To better challenge these insights, KS&R switched to Forsta Visualizations. This made it easier for them to get creative with how they filter and present their findings. And even with this more creative, iterative approach, their reporting takes four days less, per project, than it did before. 

But we’re still nowhere near Forsta’s limits 

When you put powerful tech in the hands of creative people, it’s only a matter of time before a sentence begins with ‘in theory, could we…’ 

This is often how we discover brand new things our platform can do. Clients like KS&R come to our in-house experts for a totally new challenge, and we create a brand-new solution we’d never even thought of before. As Reimann says: 

“Forsta has been a very good partner when we need to do something different.” 

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