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5 Steps to ensure your digital CX program delivers results

Digital customer interactions have increased at a phenomenal rate, fueled by the pandemic but also the natural evolution of consumers’ expectations. As a matter of fact, Forrester predicted a 40% rise in digital customer service interactions in 2021.

So what does this mean for customer experience (CX) professionals and how can they ensure their digital (CX) program delivers results?

Here are 5 key steps to help you keep pace with technology and lay the right foundation for digital CX success:

1. Focus on the business

The key here is to ensure the customer feedback you’re asking for ties into the business results you want to achieve – higher customer retention, increased growth – and not just the CX metric you happen to use, like NPS. By doing this, you’ll be talking the Executive team’s language, showing them the value of the program, and how these results can inform what changes to make within the organization.

Top tip: Question your program regularly to validate that all customer responses are being used by different departments across the organization. If not, don’t hesitate to delete or replace your questions. Don’t waste your customers’ time collecting information you don’t need.

2. Conduct a data audit

We can all agree data is at the center of digital CX programs. What’s critical is to put together the right data from different sources, categorize it, and identify data-driven stories that show how to reach your business outcomes.

Top tip: Always put the data in context across the customer journey so you can interpret it properly and plan the right course of action.

3. Review the survey triggers

Agile digital feedback needs to take into account behavioral data and drive action to foster deeper engagement with your customers. Smart triggering at key moments in the customer’s digital journey is one of many techniques which are particularly useful in identifying common customer issues like technical difficulties or incorrect pricing.

Top tip: Ensure your program evolves at the same pace as your digital interactions. Triggers need constant monitoring so you collect the right information and add innovative tools like Live Chat into the mix for a better experience.

4. Review questions and selection of the CX metric

When it comes to customer feedback, every question counts so make sure they all link to what matters for the customer and for the business. A hotly debated topic is often the choice of the CX metric. No easy answer there but bear in mind there might be different ones for different departments, depending on their objectives.

Top tip: ROI is not a nice-to-have, it’s the only way your program won’t get scrapped at the first opportunity, or the next challenging quarter. Financial linkage – the economic value of increasing or decreasing your key CX metric – is key at every step, and there must be a direct correlation between your CX metric(s) and the larger business KPIs.

5. Test the insights – share the glory

What’s the use of the right data if it doesn’t empower everyone to drive customer-centric improvements? It should be easy enough but in fact the challenge is to ensure you convert data into actionable insights, and then tailor insights for different stakeholders and the objectives they’re aiming to achieve. Not that easy unless you use the right technology.

Top tip: Select the right champions throughout the business who will understand how your digital program aligns with their objectives, and can more easily convey this message. And pick the right technology to drive this process throughout your entire organization.

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