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One ecosystem for all your research

Manage all elements of your research workflow in one place with Research Reporter. From inception to completion – manage your RFPs and vendor workflow, approvals and auditing while remaining compliant and secure.  

One ecosystem for all your research

Ready. Set. Research  

Compliance and security 

Strict information security and compliance practices such as pharmacovigilance – all built into the system.  

Dedicated team at your service 

Our professional team with over a decade experience, from implementation to ongoing service. So your team can focus on the business.  

Built for you 

Customized to your requirements and terminology. Built from the ground up on your workflow.  

Fully integrated into your business 

Integrate with all your internal software and systems via a secure API.  


Drive efficiency with flexible project management  

Manage workflows from start to finish and reduce time and effort with templates and automation. Create workflows based on your business, speeding up approvals and information sharing. 


Streamline by centralizing vendors, budgets and more

Resource management features give you budget tracking and spend management capabilities in real-time, in addition to vendor and expert databases with performance reporting. Easily check the status of projects and resources via management reports. 


A library of all your past and present research. All in one place.  

Navigate your searches easily through a simple user interface. Keep your key value findings in one place, with real-time email notifications for insights. Easily set up newsletters based on user profiles.  


Manage vendors, insights, budgets, and people in a single place

Interested in using one ecosystem for all your research? Research Reporter effectively helps to streamline the workflow into one, simple to use environment.