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Turning customer voices into tangible change

Tools used

  • Data integration 
  • Product-specific surveys
  • Advanced reporting 
  • NPS tracking 

Thanks to an award-winning Voice of Customer (VoC) program built with Forsta, Virgin Money has made customer experience a driving force in its banking business. 

The challenge

How to hear and harness 3.3 million customer voices 

Virgin Money’s business is vast – 3.3 million customers, all at different points of their journey, all dealing with different products, and all meeting and speaking to the brand on different channels. The question was, how do you tune into so many voices, and turn insight into action when you do? 

“The combination of Forsta’s data integration capabilities and advanced reporting means that we can pinpoint the actions that will really make a difference to customers – and we see the results on a daily basis.”

Michael Harris
Head of Customer Research, Virgin Money 

Our solution

Turning insight into action with a VoC program 

With Forsta in its corner, Virgin Money created a VoC program to span every bit of its business. Every product. Every channel. Every step on the customer journey. Whip-smart reports came courtesy of product-specific surveys. Soon, Virgin Money had the inside scoop on why customers joined, left, or sang the brand’s praises, plus the razor-sharp insights to do something about it. 

The results

Better for customers, employees, and the bottom line  

Putting customers first paid off. They liked Virgin Money more, and talked about it more. And employees got the benefits of a better customer relationship too. People quit less, took fewer sick days, and employee engagement hit an all-time high of 81%. All of which added up to a better bottom line – 33% better in fact. 


employee engagement 


profit increase  

NPS up

from +51 to +64 in two years 

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