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Forsta Studio Canvas

Your data, your story

What if you could tell your data story effortlessly? Pick relevant data and emphasize key points with relatable imagery to enchant your audience.

Forsta Studio Canvas puts the pen in your hand, so you can produce perfectly configured reports, effortlessly.

Create professional-looking reports that go beyond standard bar graphs, pie charts, and data tables to suit your story.

Visual storytelling made easy

Drag and drop for the win

No tedious click-work here. Just drop in a background – an image or some colors, and slot your data into place.

Add style to your substance

Add icons, pictures, and symbols to highlight essential details.

Put your finger on the pulse

Use any item in your canvas as a clickable button to lead to a new page – keep diving deeper.

Insights on tap

All data points in the report are updated live.

Easily connect any item in your canvas to data values and have them change as data changes

Share stories that inspire action

Engage leaders and secure buy-in

Get your audience hooked by presenting clear, concise, and contextual stories.

Move with precision and control

Uncover the hidden depths of your data to unlock powerful insights, identify patterns, and understand your priorities.

Bring your company closer

Context is key – create canvases that speak the language of your people across departments and teams.

Make data easy and accessible

Canvas is for all. Let all stakeholders engage with data, no matter their level of technical ability.

Storytime for all

Everyone loves a good story, no matter which industry or functional department you’re in.


Customer Experience (CX)

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer feedback analysis

Supply chain

  • Warehouse analytics
  • Consumer demand patterns

Sales & marketing

  • Lead tracking and conversion
  • Buyer decision assessment

Human resources

  • Employee lifecycle
  • Learning & development planning



  • Claims management journey
  • Underwriting process


  • New customer account opening journey
  • Customer digital services


  • Buyer shopping journey
  • Consumer demand patterns


  • Patient experience journey map
  • Revenue cycle management


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