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Predictive NPS

Scale up your CX program’s reach and impact

Predictive NPS

Do you know how satisfied 100% of your customers are?

Can you pinpoint your detractors and promoters? Are you personalizing each touchpoint?

Are you using your CX insights to reduce customer churn?

Are you making the most of your up-sell and cross-sell opportunities?

With Forsta you can:

  1. Expand the scope of your CX program: Cover your entire customer base and track the complete customer experience over time.
  2. Engage detractors proactively: Find unhappy customers with a click and discover what made them feel that way.
  3. Cut down lost opportunities: Get ahead of issues faster.
  4. Reduce churn risk: Engage at-risk customers with personalized campaigns.
  5. Lower your cost-to-serve: Act on customer feedback quickly to resolve issues before they worsen
  6. Identify ways to retain or upsell: Deliver precise promotional and marketing campaigns to your unengaged customer base

How it works

  1. Pilot customer base scoring:
    • Get predictive NPS data for all your customers in CSV or preferred data format.
    • We’ll share an accuracy report and summarize all findings on an aggregate and customer segment level.
    • You’ll also get access to an online dashboard or an API integration for your CX/CRM platform. So you can see the visual comparison of NPS vs pNPS across time, touchpoint or product. You can also view individual responder scores and get monthly scoring updates.
  2. Ongoing communication and reporting: We’ll keep you in the loop at every stage to share findings, key results, discuss your strategic direction, and help you plan next steps.
  3. Support and consulting at every step of the way: We promise rapid responses and prompt information delivery. We’ll also reduce your team’s workload with timely and impactful recommendations.

Get results

  1. Close the loop with 5x more customers and reduce time to issue resolution.
  2. Segment 100% of your customer base into the right personas to run targeted marketing campaigns.
  3. Contact customers with low scores and solve issues before escalation.
  4. Identify and drive up-sell/cross-sell opportunities across your customer base.
  5. Unlock the power of promoters to engage and attract new customers

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HX Catalysts are bespoke technology and services modules that accelerate your CX program for maximum business impact


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